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De La Rubia Interior Construction and Carpentry is founded in 1976, when François accepts his very first assignment, designing, building and installing a counter in an office.

After then François hones his skills with the design and production of original furniture pieces, office installations and even cabins of luxury yachts.

François consciously chooses an open dialogue with the customer, to ensure a design that is 100% compatible with the client’s wishes and demands.


François opens his own workshop in 1996, where right up to today all products are designed, built and finished.


Vincent learns the trade of carpenter and interior builder by working with his father extensively. In 2006, Vincent officially joins the company and becomes partner at De La Rubia.

Vincent uses his own knowledge and experience to modernize the company, opting for a more process-oriented approach and the selection of modern techniques and materials, like bamboo, to make furniture and office objects.

Vincent also chooses for an eco-friendly production process and for responsible reuse of materials.


Nowadays, father and son are a tight team, each contributing their own specific talents. That’s why De La Rubia Interior Construction and Carpentry has a special combination of 40 years of craftmanship, cutting-edge techniques and contemporary insight into design, setup and production.

Still, the corporate philosophy hasn’t changed in 40 years: communication, involvement and craftmanship remain the foundation of De La Rubia Interior Construction and Carpentry.


In 2017, it’s time to relocate. The new building houses both the office and workshop. The property has a larger floor area, offering more space for the latest in sawing machines. In addition, the entire workshop is illuminated by state of the art LED lighting that emulates daylight very closely.

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