Plastic is fantastic! | 21 Jun 2015

Plastic is fantastic!

Our work often leads us to fun and interesting places. And usually the assignments are equally fun and interesting. Choosing the best, sustainable materials is key to our process.

In our workshop, we test these new materials ourselves, so we get a good idea of the material itself, the possible applications, the processing and delivery to the customer. So we saw, glue, sand and build in different test settings. We can really learn how the material holds up under different circumstances and if the material for is suited for domestic applications or heavy duty professional use.

And when it starts raining bits and pieces, we know for a fact that this material will not be suited to make our furniture and objects.

Baars & Bloemhoff is one of our preferred suppliers of the wood and plastic materials and boards we use to build our furniture and interior objects. This supplier introduce us to Hi-Macs.

Hi-Macs is a very strong and sturdy solid surface material, developed by LG Hausys, and can be used for kitchen tops and basically any other application where hygiene is an important issue.  Hi-Macs is made from up to 41 % of recycled acrylic resin and really adds to eco-friendly production and reusing materials. Something we deem very important!

After an interesting conversation with sales representative Arjan Smits, we visited the city of Nieuwegein to get to know Hi-MACS. We learned all about the material and how to use it in your production process. After that we got to know the material first hand, by gluing, sanding, polishing and shaping the Hi-Macs material.

To us, this is a perfect start to incorporate Hi-Macs in our collection. We’ve already begun testing the material in our workshop, and the results are encouraging.

We see the benefits of using this nice and sustainable material for countertops and workspaces in kitchens, but also for wardrobe cabinets and coat racks in schools, where hygiene is very important, and time for maintenance and cleaning is limited.



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