Our Methodology

No two assignments are alike. That’s why we take our time to inform the customer about the project. And it all starts with the first contact. It is the moment when we discuss the project in broad terms, when we have the opportunity to ask in-depth questions and determine how we can stay true to the wishes and desires of the customer.Then we make the estimate or proposal. This will also take some time, because we feel the customer must be able to make the right decision, based on clear information. We are very transparent in our information about materials, the end product, the labor involved and the time frame.After the customer has approved our proposal, we discuss the planning and the practical issues that arise during every project or assignment.

We do a lot of our work in our own workshop, so we keep the customer updated on a regular basis. This way we minimize the inconveniences of dust and noise, while simultaneously keeping the customer informed on what we do and specifically how we do it.

The customer is always welcome to visit the workshop and experience our process and our progress first hand.

Even during the assignment, we keep an open mind. After all, the scope of the assignment can change during the process. If this happens, we are also very open and transparent about the possibilities of the requested changes and additions, the cost of the alterations and how these changes will affect the planning of the project.

After completion of the product or the assignment, we ask the customer to judge us on the quality of our work and the process in general. This enables us to constantly improve our service level and adapt our products to all customer wishes.

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